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School is cool! GIP!

I love my school. I really wish the whole GC thang had never gone down, but this is good. Good people. ♥s @ U of M.

In other news, I just watched Bollywood Queen, and ow. It's a fantastic level of horrible that I have never before experienced, and I kind of love it a little bit. On the downside, I think my eyes have melted. The color was extremely violent, and some of the shots just hurt they were so bright. And the cheese! Oh, the cheese! It's a Bollywood musical - singing in Hindi included (mind you, the lead character blatantly states she "doesn't know hindi," even though she sings it all throughout the movie) - made in bloody London while acknowledging Bollywood musicals. It's incredibly West Side Story, 'cept without the knifing and the shooting. I couldn't watch it again.

Wow. Almost 4 a.m. I should get to bed if I plan on getting anything done and going skiing tomorrow. Heh.

Johari me, though! This is possibly the coolest meme evar.

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