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I am not a happy panda.

WHOROSCOPE: An authority figure who's been on your case pretty hard lately has really done you a favor. (Yeah... Kirtley didn't show up.) You've been toeing the line, doing everything just right and even forcing yourself to work a bit of overtime (true, if you mean this in terms of homework), without being asked (because it's required for graduation), and, more importantly, without complaining (Not true!). Basically, you've been very, very good (I thought so too.) -- but now it's time to relax (well it goddamn better be.). That means sitting still, by the way -- for just a little while (No problem, Chief. Just don't expect me to catch up on CommLaw tonight.). No fair bungee-jumping, skydiving or parachuting off the tallest building in the city. Sit, Ubu, sit. (But I was really only thinking about driving off to California?)

Ok, whoroscope. You surprisingly weren't too far off today, but it still doesn't mean I like you.

Ugh. Today was shit, and I'm horribly glad it's over. Except it's not over. Because it's not even 8 and I'm still thinking about all the shit I need to do in order to be adequately caught up. I am waiting on tenterhooks for a stupid e-mail to come tell me how violently I will be slain for not finishing my front department story on time.

There are so many things I should do. None of which I am even remotely in the right mood for. Maybe I'll crochet and watch Zoolander tonight.

Someone buy me crème brûlée . I think that would help immensely. Otherwise, I'll be slumped in front of the TV, pummelling the nintendo if you need me.

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