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Form Letters? Still satanic.

If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Dude, I've applied to the Daily a bunch this semester. Every time you do they send you a letter regardless of acceptance, and it's always the same form letter with a stamped signature. However, as this is my third year the seniors applying still get the jobs before I do (even though I'm a senior in terms of credits *fist*) so I've been getting a lot of the, "Sorry for now, but keep tryin'! We'll get you eventually!" form letters in the mail. By a lot, I mean two.

Anyway, yesterday I applied for the copy editor position because I am an incorrigible grammar nazi... and they sent me a form letter in my e-mail. It's just the word document saying that they'll contact me soon. It's exactly the one they've sent before, except with a one line difference saying "we'll contact you soon" instead of the whole better luck next time thing. There's even a space for the signature that won't happen, because they just forwarded the document. That is class, I tell you what.

For real, c'mon guys.

In other news, CommLaw was relatively painless this morning because Kirtley wasn't there. Unfortunately, my first brief kinda sucked it up, but I don't really care because they'll drop the lowest grade anyway. The TA is nice enough to just paperclip all the handouts and returning assignments for me, because she's very astute and realized that I probably wont ever be there unless an assignment is due. Bright girl. I like her.

I have a test in 45 minutes. I studied, which means I'm probably doomed. Whenever I study shit goes down. Whenever I muster up the common sense to trust my instincts, natural talents, and to just not give a fuck I always do fine. So I'm trying to combine a bit of both by having attempted to learn the material yesterday and today... and not giving a fuck about my grade. We'll see how this goes.

Still have to write a front dept story. Hmm.

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