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Skull Split

I have a soul crushing migraine that is finally on the outs, which is good because I really need to go to a study session for herbology today. I woke up with it piercing my eyes, drilling my skull, and echoing relentlessly in my ears at 6:04 a.m. and I remember, because the red lights on my alarm clock burned the numbers into my retinas.

Ouch doesn't even cut it. I don't even know if a loud, resounding "FUCK" could cut it. I was literally just cowering and crying in the fetal position underneath my comforter, wavering in and out of consciousness for a good 4 and a half hours before it finally started to let up. Now I'm chuggin' caffeine, but standing up still is not an enjoyable experience and my ears are still ringing.

WHOROSCOPE: A female relative will tick you off today, but luckily, it'll provide exactly the emotional outlet you've been seeking. Speak your mind! Having things out in the open will make you feel better and give you fresh energy.

So what you're saying is, go ahead and bitch her out hardcore in the name of therapy? Well, sorry whoroscope but that's not really my style. Thanks for the heads up, though. Note to self: If mother calls, don't pick up.

Ugh... I need drugs. And a weekend. Still need a weekend. A man-slave would be nice too. Although, right now I'll just settle for a bath. See how easy I am to please? Mmmf.

P.S. I will find my frog.


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