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Today has been unequivocally bad. I feel like I'm setting myself up for extreme amounts of failure.

Things Wot Have Sucked Hardcore Today
• Set Alarm Incorrectly
• Missed CommLaw
• Got Up Angry at Self
• Missed Horticulture
• Remembered there's a test in Horticulture on Thursday.
• Remembered that I had an assignment due tonight, albeit a seemingly simple one.
• Realized that I am woefully behind on my readings for class.
• Attempted to catch up on my readings for class.
• Melted brain.
• Realized assignment was not so simple.
• Toiled over assignment.
• Hit massive writer's block.
• Threw together assignment shoddily.
• Printer malfunction.
• Traffic jam.
• 25 minutes late to the only class I went to today.

For real, I need a weekend. I feel cheated, because I didn't get one due to the family visit. With 18 credits, an incomplete from last semester (which I still haven't even started to remedy yet) hanging over my head, a veritable mountain of reading, and enough stress to kill a goat... I need all the time I can get.

Apocalypse? Whenever you're ready. Thx.

Tuesday? I hate you. You cause me all manner of torment and despair. Please go away. Thx.

Tomorrow? Please last for 72 hours. Thx.

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