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Attention grabber...

Wow. My CommLaw readings just got disgustingly interesting. Instead of blah blah remanded blah blah constitution does not uphold in this instance blah blah jargon blah blah Richard Cheney's "excessive concern for secrecy" blah blah... I get the following:

In a fatal freeway accident, a car left the road, ran down an embankment and overturned ... 20 minutes later ... 40 or 50 people had gathered. A member of a local first aid squad that had reached the scene before the trooper reported that there were casualties. A seriously injured girl, who was going into shock, was pinned inside the automobile against the corpse of her mother, who had been decapitated.

- The First Amendment and the Fourth Estate: Carter, Franklin, & Wright, pg. 613

Hell of a transition. Legal, legal, legal, BLOOD! Gore! Trauma! Danger of vehicular explosion! Wheeeee!

Well, I guess that's one way to keep our attention? Casually sprinkle in horror stories amidst all the court cases. 0_o Uh...

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