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I suck at mornings.

So, clearly I am not meant to attend CommLaw. I fucked up setting my alarm last night, so my second call was set for 7:20 p.m. which is not conducive to waking up and attending class.

I'm trying to decide whether this is really a horrible thing or not. Attendance isn't required, and even if I was there I wouldn't participate because I'd be borderline comatose. I'd just take slighly incoherant notes, fumble my way around the crossword in the Daily, and grow increasingly more irritated with Professor Kirtley. This laziness is furthermore compounded because I have faithlynnteh_flatmate's notes from last semester, and I have the book. Lecture is basically out of the book, so I am not without salvation. I'm really just a horrible, no-good, very bad student in terms of actually attending class. My grades are always fine, but... my participation and motivation definitely leave something to be desired... especially at 8 in the morning.

HOWEVA, my music locating skills rock sideways, so I bring you Pandora. It'll find you artists similar to the ones you like, and stream them constantly for free. If it doesn't recognize an artist, the people over there will research and add it to their database. I think it's really ingenius.

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