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Muddy tracks... GIP!

Mmmmmmice cream.

Faith is scaring me. She's laughing maniacally in the kitchen, and it's a not a little frightening.

Gospel Choir rocked tonight. I found out that Jay and Brent are in it too! I haven't seen Jay in forever. Cool kid, that. Hopefully we'll hang out sometime soon and rock any and all casbas in the vicinity. Also, the bass section? Unnnnf. They merit this icon. I don't know what it is about strong, deep voices singing but oh my God.

Hi. My name is Shelby, and I really like men (coincidentally, I also like procrastinating).

In honor of this fondness, I bring you...

Oh yes. Delicious Manflesh. Progressively getting more fleshy manflesh.

Diego Luna

So fuckin' cute!

Diego will punch a bitch. And it will be sexy.

Heath Ledger



Josh Holloway

Dress shirts are delicious under any circumstance.

And they're even more fantastic to take off.

Ian Somerhalder

PUPPY! Partially shirtless man and a puppy, the key to my heart.

Men in makeup, also not a bad thing.

Unf. Cowboy hats and sunflowers. Another key to my heart. Imagine that.

Adam Garcia ...aka Senor Nudie-Pants.


That is all, and you are welcome.

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