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He told me that she said he wanted to call you but couldn't so I am.

So there I was... pouting because of lack of sushi.

I felt like an ass because I thought I was supposed to meet Steph and Marcus but had just forgotten the time... I had called twice and left messages, but when it got to be 7:00 I knew the sushi wasn't going to be happening because my parents would be arriving in less than an hour and a half. I was bummed 'cause I really wanted sushi. I love the stuff. Seafood too, omgyum. I also really wanted to see Marcus because last time he was in town, I was not. Go figure.

ANYWAY, out of nowhere I got the most confusing call I've ever received in my entire life. Damon called me to tell me that "Marcus's father" had called him to get my cell phone number because Steph had left her cell phone at home and Marcus had called his father from a payphone because it was the only number he could remember and he wanted to see if sushi was still on. HOWEVA, Damon didn't know how the hell "Marcus's father" got his number to ask about mine in the first place, and didn't want to give my number out because the story seemed so out there, so he took down Marcus's father's cell number and called me so I could call him back... So I followed Damon's advice and blocked my number and called "Marcus's Father."

I felt like a timid sheep calling, especially when this deep voice picked up and said "This is Bill." It was just so awkward. I didn't tell him my name and just asked if he was Marcus's Dad, and he said yes. At that exact moment, Marcus called on the land line and "Bill" lined the phones up so we could talk and it was absolutely ridiculous. I could barely hear him, so "Bill" just relayed messages between us and it was so bizarre, I felt like the universe was imploding for a second.

Especially since only 2 seconds earlier I was whining about the lack of sushi and lamenting the lack of seafood in general. It was too synchronized.

Also, this is kind of unrelated but I noticed the new name of my journal is exceedingly appropriate because I live on Humboldt Avenue and humboldt is actually a kind of squid, which is a similar animal to the octopus. I have eaten and enjoyed squid. Calamari, anyone? Whatever. The point is I am an angry octopus living on Squid Ave. Therefore, all your tentacles are belong to me. Oh, and yes, I am still going to eat your submarine.

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