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Still not down with the sickness.

Well... the snrrrk is going away, but I think a flu is stepping up in its place.

Morning: You should eat something.
Me: Yeah... bowl of cereal?
Stomach: NOPE!

And so, I missed the bus to school. God it feels strange to write that. Junior SENIOR (OH DEAR SWEET CHRIST, NO!) in college... "I missed the bus!" Jesus... whatever. I have biological excuses and I don't need to explain or justify my syntax.

The sunrise was lovely though... pink wispy clouds and a deep red glow. Unfortunately, now the sky has resumed its typical dull grey. I have seasonal affected disorder, I think. I just haven't really felt it as of late because the weather has been goddamn schyzophrenic; what with the 40-50 degree weather and eerily yellow sunshine. Still, it's not the way sunshine should be. It looks diseased.

Kind of like me! Hooray! I guess I was about due for it. It's been months since I've really been certifiably ill. Doesn't mean I have to like it, though. Because the way I see it, this could go on of the two following ways: (1) Head Cold, Stomach Flu, Better! or (2) Head Cold, Stomach Flu, Malaria. The signs are there, y'all... and I feel like crap.

Oh well... off to deliver my assignment to bitchface and then come home to try to sleep this sucker off.

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