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Hoe Leigh Sheet.

So tired. Ill too.




...Jesus. I have been running around, on my feet, building the set for Frankenstein in Love since 11:45 this morning. I just got home. I am also running on about 45 minutes of sleep, because that's all I could get last night. Ooof.

Last night was extremely fun, though. Everyone was extremely inebriated, and chocolate fondue was had. Scotch was also had. There was much commaradarie. The sleeping situation was more than a little stupid, and I was confined to about 6 inches of space in my own bed, but whatever, it's all good.

I had a "No Scrubs" moment today. I was at the gas station, filling up Nic's car when a guy holla'd at me out of the passenger side of his best friend's ride. He literally said, "Yo, ma. 'Sup?" He even did the hyperconfident head nod. I just kind of grinned because TLC was playing through my head at 80 thousand decibels and then I hid in Nic's car. How the hell? Out of all days, the day that I don't take a shower, am wearing shitty "I'm-going-to-get-these-clothes-covered-in-sawdust-and-wood-glue-and-paint-and-whatever-else-I-can-muster", and am corked... I get cat called. World's gone mad, I tell you what.

At this exact moment, I have paint on my face, and paper mache in my hair. I am not even going to think about doing anything about that until tomorrow morning. I am going to drink a bottle of Nyquil and pass the fuck out.

That is all.

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