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parental units....again

afdjsafjdl;as.!!! you know what, maybe after 4:30 i'll just leave.! its not like i want to put up with this stuff, how come the lawn doesnt look like its mowed?? I MOWED IT YESTERDAY!!! AND THE REASON IT DOESNT LOOK MOWED IS CUZ THE GRASS IS DEAD! GOD WOMAN! Dead grass doesnt grow.! it isnt rocket science! the only thing that got cut was the god forsaken clover flowers, if she wants proof she can go walk around the yard and get eaten alive by insects of all sorts checking that i properly chopped the clovers out of existance. i wonder, if she will even notice that the shower stall is cleaned....i think i'm gonna do one extra thing a day, just to prove that she only notices the miniscule bad things. POP CAN ON THE BAR UNATTENDED! so??? its not like the pop can is a raging terrorist. it isnt suicidal, it isnt gonna jump off the bar and spill its contents all over the floor.! So the person was doing something and had to put their can down, you know what...i bet you anything when they are thirsty they will remember it and come and get it.!ugh, i swear to god. Or how about the times when you leave your water glasses on the computer desk??? do i flip out and go postal on you?!? i didnt think so.! Well yanno what mom? Just because your not happy with your life doesnt mean you should strive to make me not happy with mine. Is it so hard to just come home and think, damn i'm glad i'm not at work and not walk around and turn your nose up at any speck of dust you see?? jeez.! youd think that after a "very long and tiring day" of work they'd be grateful to be home, too tired to complain, and not looking for something to bitch about and get all angered.! IS IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!? peace is not difficult to obtain.! people are such idiots. especially parents.
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