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Memo to Father time

The weekend cannot be over. It just can't. No.

F-list, you have not been active enough. You have banished me to a weekend of actually reading for class. How dare you. Instead of reading your posts, I've been watching masochists fly down hills on skiis traveling in excess of 120 km/hr. Also, figure skating. Also, reading script after script after sript. Not cool.

This Sunday sucks. In fact, I hate Sundays. They might as well be called "You-Are-Never-Ever-Gonna-Have-Any-Fun-On-This-Day-Because-Tomorrow-is-Fucking-Monday." Yaneghafotdbifmday. Ok, nevermind. That presents phonetic problems, but it doesn't mean I'm happy! *scowl* In fact, I am an angry octopus, and I am going to eat your submarine. Rrrrrr. PH34R!

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