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Who you tryin' to get crazy with SA?

Can I just say I love that being ridiculously underprepared for class is totally acceptable during the first week? It's glorious.

Anyway, I just did some research on my fourth professor and I'm pleased to report that we can add her to the ranks of the Ridiculously Rockin' Professors. Evidently, she's authored some 25 books(varying in topics, such as dating advice, various children's literature, historical figures, and human anatomy), was the editorial director for Minnesota Monthly, has been freelancing since the 70s, been married four-times, assigned Strunk and White, has a healthy sense of humor, and looks nowhere near her age. Awesome.

Now the score stands thusly:

Self Indulgent & Ridiculously Egotistical Professors

Ridiculously Rockin' Professors

Mediocre Professors

There are still three more to go, except I don't think I'll be able to meet Messieur Lefabvre (pronounced like the character in Phantom of the Opera, not even joking) until mid-semester. *shrug* (Also, I could just add Sanford right away but we're going in order of the classes that I have, so shhh.)

Anyway, horticulture rocks my socks off. If any of you haven't taken your biology core yet, take this class. It's so ridiculously fun. We get to keep all our plants, learn how to propegate plants you buy at the grocery store, and play in dirt and water for hours and it's absolutely brilliant. Plus, scratch card exams. Come on!

Also, holy LOST discussion, Batman!

Also, meme!

El Loco

People Iced:Six
Car Bombs Planted:One
Favorite WeaponAngry Cats
Arms Broken:Eighteen
Eyes Gouged:Nineteen
Tongues Cut Off:Nine
Biggest Enemy:Mickey Z

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