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First Day, the sequel

Ok, so the first day is finished and the last professor seems promising.

I walked in late, which is about par for me... seeing as I was late for two out of three. In any case, she is way cool and I'm ridiculously excited about the class because we'll be sending our writing assignments to various magazines for potential publication. Also, she assigned Elements of Style (Strunk and White, REPRESENT!), and therefore is good people. She even prepared fun little packets and had us play Editor and review actual query submissions to get an idea of what works and what doesn't. In short, this class will be fantastic.

Which brings the score to:

Self Indulgent & Ridiculously Egotistical Professors

Ridiculously Rockin' Professors

Mediocre Professors

In other news, I only have one class tomorrow, and it'll be done by one. With any luck, I might be able to kick out an Invasion recap before the shows tomorrow night. Assuming I don't lose my mind and do something completely bizarre, i.e. actually do homework, that is. HEE.

ETA: Holy God, the Daily Show was obscene tonight! We're savin' this one.

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