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First Day

Let the procrastination begin!

faithlynn: I don't wanna go to Spanish!
Me: It's the first day, and we already don't want to go to class. This is not a good sign.
faithlynn: Nope!
Me: I love that we've been back for hours and we haven't done anything.
faithlynn: What the hell would we do?
Me: Well, I could read for CommLaw.
faithlynn: Eeesh.
Me: But why? I mean, really... Hey! More Queer Eye!

So far, my professors have been polar opposites of one another. As was expected, and as was previously known, CommLaw professor is a cast-iron bitch. She will actually give students a time-out if their cell-phones ring during class. You'll be asked to remove yourself and the offending device for the remainder of the class. Another thing that's ridiculously irritating, is that she randomly shouts words in the middle of sentences for no readily apparent reason. Maybe she spotted a sleeper? Also, if she was any more full of herself and/or talked about herself, her achievements, and her general greatness anymore than she already does, she'd make Narcissus look like a self-loathing emo kid.

However, my Horticulture prof is a fiend for alliteration (i.e. "Passionate plant person professing plant propagation.") Awesome. He also definitely used the phrase "like gangbusters." Double awesome. He did say "most boringest" though, which made me want to punch him. Still, he has a fantastic sense of humor, and is ridiculously laid back. Direct quote: "If you feel the need to sleep, feel free." No joke. Triple awesome. Another really rockin' thing, he does scratch card multiple choice tests. As in, scratch off like the lottery things, because they make you feel like a winner! Also, he gives partial credit even if you didn't get it right the first time. As if it isn't already completely obvious, he is clearly super-mega-hyper awesome.

One more class today, and then we'll get a little closer to finding out what the overall professorial stats are.

So far, we've got:
Self Indulgent & Ridiculously Egotistical Professors

Ridiculously Rockin' Professors

Mediocre Professors

ETA: MmmmmBrownies. It smells like good in here.

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