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The Adventure continues.

Oh man! claudiorobot's band rocked my face off yesterday! I still haven't found it. \m/

We attempted drunken Pictionary last night, but no dice. The mood just wasn't there. Hopefully tonight, seeing as we went through a bit to secure the game.

Pictionary Procurement

We were coming back from Chisago when we decided that the drunken Pictionary should happen. We were already almost to Uptown, but we turned around and decided we were going to gank it Damon, muhnipul8a, and my former dwelling - Middlebrook Hall. Thankfully, Aaron's got the hookup, seeing as he works the front desk so we were able to go in and steal it. Apparently, that took a bit of work, because we got bored with waiting, and Damon has old school kickball type balls in his car, so we started throwing balls at each other.


That was good times until a well aimed ricochet on a mission took out Damon's right contact. So we had to go back to their house for a replacement before attacking the local grocery store and annihilating three pizzas between the five of us. Mmmm.

Today, however, we're going out to Alex's house, and we'll watch a movie and it should be good times. There needs to be some clarification between that boy and me, but it shouldn't be too bad. I really think everything has gotten blown out of proportion.

I'm getting a later start than I planned, so I don't know if we're still going to go rock climbing, but I'm hoping to. I need to physically exert myself. Like whoa.

Anyway, another party tonight over at Damon and A-Rons. Should be a good time.

These days have been busy. Cripes.

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