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Duty bound...

We're taking Gucci to the vet today. =/ I know she has an infection in her ear, but I'm fraid she'll also have something else. We're just super lucky that this check-up is free. I always get paranoid when I have to take a pet to the vet. I have a feeling she's giong to be a little terror too. She's been exceptionally whiney today, and I think she knows what's coming. What with that whole, sixth sense thing.

I'm ridiculously excited about the triumphant return of my two favorite television programs. God in heaven, that is something I never thought I'd say. I was a television athiest until faithlynn converted me into a rabid fangirl. However, I got even. I did something far more dubious. I got her addicted to Warcraft III. Mooo hoo ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Getting back to the television programing, in an attempt to catch up - or at least not fall any further behind, methinks I'm going to try to kick out an Invasion recap tonight.

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