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Chore Karma...

Ok, I did it. I finally bit the bullet, faced the facts, and did the laundry. Everyone knows that I hate doing laundry. In fact, I probably hate it more than any other person in the history of forever. If you want to contest that, bring it on.

I only bring this up because my laundry karma rocked today. I thought the second washer was broken, and had eaten a wash's worth of detergent, softner, and $1.25. However, I fiddled with it and begged it to at least give me my money back. In exchange, it started working and when I came back to change the other load, it was running and then washed the rest of my laundry for free.

Went to Acme with Dan, faithlynn, aither_nyx, and muhnipul8a, and now I have creme brulee. All in all... good day.

And now, a brief News Roundup!

- Thanks to CNN and the due hyp-fest surrounding the upcoming Macworld Expo and the forthcoming Macgasms, you can now get your pre-emptive guess-gasming on. Enjoy, Mac-thusiasts.

- Man who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II being released... even though he really did kill a newspaper editor, and rob a factory. I'm not really convinced that this is a good idea.

- Rep. Boehner steps up US House Republican campaign. "Someone should remind him that his name is Boehner." - muhnipul8a

- San Fransiscans can get more bang for their buck at their local Starbucks... or they would have been able to anyway, if the police hadn't gone and defused the bomb. Heh.

- Beware Flamers! Creating a nuisance online could land you in jail. No rly. It's true.

- Escaped Cow May Not be Doomed After All This is... uh, inspiring?

- And this is awesome. Karmic retribution, y'all. Man throws mouse into fire. Flaming mouse runs into man's house. House burns down. Do unto others, baby.

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