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HBO on Demand freaks me out.

Question: Do any of you watch Carnivale? I just watched the first episode, and that is some fucked up shit. I think I like it? It's hella confusing. Everything about it creeps me out by default... but the cinematography - especially in the title sequence - is absolutely gorgeous. I am so intrigued... and I have the first four episodes. The cast list is pretty remarkable. I ♥ Clea DuVall.

If any of you watch it, let me know.

We cracked into the first season of LOST, and watched some audio commentary and I have been fangirling shamelessly. Mind you, I also have a 1,000 watt stereo system, so every time there is a dramatic DUNNNNNNNNN, I jump about a mile. The meccasaur sounds exceptionally horrifying. Oh, and when the plane blew up, it blew up.

Speaking of LOST, there's a new episode on Wednesday! *squeeflailzomg* Invasion too!

Anyway, we planted our herbs today. Soon we should have chives, basil, cilantro, and dill... all fresh and marvelous at our disposal. We got little tiny flower pots too (and I mean tiny. They're really only an inch and a half in diameter). Hopefully we'll have lavender and some red flowery-type thing. Don't remember what it's called. I don't really care, as long as it blooms and it's pretty I'll be content. It seems we have become botanists. We currently have 6 terra cotta plant pots in our apartment. It's actually quite lovely. I'll be excited when we have little green leafies. I miss having a garden. We've got quite a green thumb in my family, so we'll see if that applies to house plants as well.

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