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Chair lifts and Deckchair lifts

Oh man, today was fun.

Went skiing with the Damonator at Afton and it was brilliant. I didn't get to go last year, and I really missed it. I love ski-lift conversation... hah. I'm really glad I've got my ski gear up here - even if the strap on my pole is being a bit worthless. I was mildly afraid that I'd make an arse of myself but I only fell twice, and neither time was because of a fault. The snow was pretty choppy, and it was all man-made but it was still really ridiculously fun. I think we're going to go next week during the day, which'll be fantastic. No worries of plowing into small, careless children. Less traffic so the snow is more smooth. Delightful.

We were gonna hit up Sawatdee in Uptown for dinner, but both of us totally forgot that it was - in fact - Saturday night... so we settled for Burrito Loco instead. I might have to reconsider my preference of mexican food as my favorite. I really, really love thai food. Sweet curry, omigawd. I still think I prefer Chipotle to Burrito Loco though... but whatev. Food rocks either way.

Watched Danny Deckchair afterward. I love that movie... it's horribly cheesy and it's quite possibly the lamest premise and the coolest premise ever, simultaneously.

After that, Faith and Gucci got home and we watched Creature Comforts... and it's remarkable the amount of effort and care goes into this program. Amazing.

Now we're watching Fraggle Rock. Hells yeah, mothafuckas! Oh dear God, my cousin Greg used to videotape these for me. I have so many good memories with this show. Jim Hensen truly was a genius. It would be truly brilliant to watch this smashed.

Also, thanks to Nic we have Chia herbs and a marvelous new fondue set! ♥

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