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Spreading the love...

Huzzah! YSI is back up and running, and you know what that means. I'm gonna make good on my promise to deliver comedic tunes.

As said before, tangledtale was gracious enough to share teh funny that is Tripod with me and so with no ado whatsover...

Is it OK if I stalk you? [download] (muhnipul8a, you will love this.)
Urine Town [download]

And now, continuing with the trend of comedy and comedic tunes... I give you the following:

Stephen Lynch
*Video [zipped]: Comedy Central Presents - Stephen Lynch
(*He's attractive. This is a bonus.)

*Songs Included in the Video:
Superhero [download]
Special Fred[download]
Lullaby [download]
Hermaphrodite [download]
If I Were Gay [download]

Other Songs:
Special Olympics [download]
For the Ladies [download]
Gynecologist [download]
F Your Sister [download]


The Capitol Steps
Glory Glory Paranoia [download]


The Mountain Goats
Jam Eater Blues [download]
Anti-music Song [download]
No Children [download]
Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton [download]



Crazy In Love [cover] - Snow Patrol [download]
No Scrubs [cover] - Incubus (acoustic) [download]
Do right (acoustic*) - Jimmie's Chicken Shack [download]
*The Bud Light Ferret, Ladies and Gentlemen!



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