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Laughter is the best medicine...

I am in a ridiculously brilliant mood. And therefore, I share the gift of teh funny with all y'all. Onward!

Matt Fugate, local Minneapolis and brilliant comedian, put up some video hilarity.
They are as follows, you'll need Quicktime to check them out.

Those Darn Teenagers
Wallpaper NOW!

Hah, I ♥ Helmut Sphincterteiten, and you should too.
(*ETA: Please, if the links go down let me know. Thx.)


Also, I have recently aquired some fantastic comedic tunes from the likes of tangledtale and was going to post them and a list of others, but YSI isn't working. It's very sad.

So, instead I give you the above high quality comedy, good tidings of great Jon Stewart-y joy, and a promise to deliver on the songs when YSI is up and running again.

Until then, for those who enjoyed the flash in the previous post, here's the mp3 from it.

And here is a promising looking new music blog...

And now, off to Borders! Here's to not learning from previous experiences! Woo!

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