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I just got married to soliloquy1st!

ThpethalK: i am so drunk
monologued: me too
ThpethalK: we are totally journalists
ThpethalK: and it's fantaztic
ThpethalK: we should get married
monologued: journalists all drink way too much
monologued: at all the conventions they all admit to it
ThpethalK: and smoke affectedly
ThpethalK: when stressed
ThpethalK: I KNOW
monologued: journalists die horrible deaths because the stress is too much
monologued: they have bad marriages
ThpethalK: that's why journalists
ThpethalK: should marie other journalists
ThpethalK: because they understand
monologued: right
monologued: lets get married
monologued: right now
ThpethalK: ok
monologued: I do
ThpethalK: I do
ThpethalK: *kiss*
monologued: *kiss*
ThpethalK: Yay!

It's totally facebook official. Sorry faithlynn, but I had to break up with you. I need a stable relationship. None of this "open" and dating other people nonsense. HAhahaaa... I need to settle down. HEEEEEEEE.

Happy birthday, honey!

monologued: I just read what you posted...
monologued: I think I love you more
monologued: gotta go, wife. I will see you soon.
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