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Every cloud has a silver lining...

Wow. I know I should have seen it before now, but I just watched Monster and wow. Just holy shit wow. The performances were just fantastic and I'd almost want to watch it again but I think it'd crush my soul. I think I need to flee and find the stupidest comedy in the world to counteract it, actually. But holy hell... Wow.

Speaking of wow and movies, the Narnia poll kind of surprised me. I checked on it, because it's been a week and I was really surprised to find out that over 75% of the people at least got welled up. Thus meaning the No-Cry-for-Aslan-Stab peeps are in a distinct, and heartless, minority of less than 20%. I find that really interesting. Hee.

In other news, I cleaned today. I cleaned out just about everything there is to clean in the kitchen and bathroom. I have one thing to say... I despise dust. I understand its purpose in relation to the water cycle as the vital component known as condensaion nuclei, but it most emphatically does not, in fact, belong anywhere remotely near white porcelain, the underside of the fridge, or - indeed - me. Thx.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today! Thx nini_darko! ♥ forevar, omigawd. I'm listening to the cd right now. *rocks out*

Now, an open letter to you. Yes, you.

Dear f-list,

I love you dearly. You know this. I read every entry, comment often, and - more to the point - I miss you when you're gone. That's why I have to request that this whole not-posting-ever-during-winter-break thing stops immediately. I'm bored, and you've abandoned me. Over the course of 6 hours, there was one update and that was just a music request from a community. :( I am a sad panda. Moreover, I am a bored sad panda. To those of you who are loyal to the great el jay, and are still posting, rest assured that your entries are like the the leaves on my happy panda eucalyptus tree. I'm going to affix the rest of you with the most pathetic watery puppy eye pout that I can muster up. I hope it makes you feel guilty!

Tragically Yours,
Emo Kid
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