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Emmy is inappropriately named.

Ok, so I'm watching Phantom of the Opera because it was on demand and I have a fantastic home theater sound system and because I remember liking it. (Gerard Butler singing in those clothes and Andrew Lloyd Webber and gorgeous cinematography...) And I know I've said this before, but this time I really want to punch Emmy Rossum in the face just so she'll change her fucking facial expression. It's killing me, I swear. At least, she's killing this movie for me right now. In fact, she may become the soul reason that I might eventually hate this movie. I initially had some qualms with the new music changes, the introduction of thoroughly pointless scenes, and the changing songs into plain lines and just how ridiculously stupid and idiotic it is to speak in rhyme and lyric if you're not going to do it the entire time. Maybe it's just because I'm cranky today, but I swear to god Emmy Rossum is not a human. She is a robot with 3 programmed facial expressions and, because it bears repeating, I want to punch her in the face. Ugh!

Nothing can live up to when I went with Matt to the live production in the Overature Center with the private box and the... goddamnit.

ETA: I also go through periods of thinking that Emmy is really gorgeous, but then in a different scene I'll think she's really kinda ranging from homely to hienous. Am I the only one that gets this?
ETA2: Mmmm. Impulses. I'm totally going to the Harry Potter at IMAX at 9:45 with aither_nyx. Heee. If you want in on it, call me. *bounce bounce*
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