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well i feel uh.. lovely. fairly groggy, getting sick, and i've got an 'educational' assembly that no one knew about until today. in other words...

nap time.

it'll probably be something along the lines of "Drugs are bad for you!!! You smoke you choke! If you drink dont blink cuz your parents'll freak!" or something really stupid. you know what, when you mention it, that just calls their attention to it . freaking retards.

I guess i'm just cranky, grumpy, bitchy, morose, and generally unpleasant. Didnt get enough sleep. =/ pep band tonight without podiumicinic. i have to walk to the middle school with my gd trumpet! i'm weak! and i'm lazy! i dun wanna do it! but i donno, it should be fun. i get paid for it.

I'm very proud of carmen though, she stood up for herself. yeah! me, i just need to be knocked out or sedated or stoned. whatever. pep band tonight, i hope that's more fun. i get to converse with Mel again! Hopefully she'll freakin stay this time. i need a hug.
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