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News Roundup! End of the Year Edition

New Year's Festivities
- It's 2006 in Australia, and they had the fireworks show to prove it. Gotta love pyros, ♥. Anyway, this article... is hilariously written, from a journalistic standpoint anyway. It's like a news roundup of the festivities within itself, except it's so shallow and it has this sentence: "It is not known what why he was on the roof."

Jigga What, Now?
- Guy gets shot in the forehead, doesn't notice until next morning. No, for real.

It's a dog eat Foot/Tainted Food World.
- Officer Sustained Several "Ankle Bites" when Attacked by a Pack of Angry Chihuahuas. If I ever even saw a pack of chihuahuas, I think I'd die laughing.

- Ok, this is actually serious because I am very serious about pets. 23 Dogs Dead and 18 Ill from tainted pet food. If you use Diamond Pet Food Company products, you may want to consider a switch and a check up for your pet. Additional updates can be found here.

- Activist Teen changes name to "". Probably as a result of No really though, go there, and tell me that you can actually restrain yourself from laughing when you notice the "Buy your Pam Anderson video today" amidst pleas for the rights of chickens... and I'll reward you somehow.

- Donald Trump may run for NY Governer. Please God, no. This is most emphatically not a reality TV show we need.

- ATTENTION MEN: British scientists are attempting to answer the dreaded question: "Does this make my butt look big?"

A & E - aka The real News
- "Lost" DUIs: The Arraignment - I HAVE MORE REASON TO HATE ANA LUCIA NOW! *bounces with glee*

- Depressing article about the "final" Harry Potter book, accompanied with the worst picture of J.K. Rowling ever. *le sigh* I really want the books to go on forever.
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