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Home again, home again...

So I'm back in Minneapolis... if you have a soul and a taste for adventure, you should definitely give me a ring.

For real, I got home, unpacked, and while I was doing so there were these really disturbing noises that sounded like they were coming from the kitchen. Crackling and popping noises, but nothing was on the stove or anything so I thought maybe the refrigerator was fixing to explode or something, but I went out into the living room and found that the noises were coming from outside our massive windows. I jump up on the couch - because I am twelve forever - and not only is there a car backfiring outside while someone is trying to jump it back to life, but a woman is dragging a grill down the sidewalk, and another woman is riding a bike that has some kind of clicker on the wheel so it makes a loud SNAP every time a spoke passes through the damn thing... Welcome home, I guess. Honestly, I thought I was the only crazy person living in this area. Evidently not. Hm.

Ok speaking of crazy, I know I didn't post this for the world at large but my aunt, whom I seriously haven't gotten a present from since I was 4 years old decided that now would be an excellent time to buy me a paper shredder for Christmas. Yeah, what the fuck? I can't even begin to understand that logic. (I know what exactly what she needs! ...) I just... no. Anyway, I was unpacking all the stuff and I decided... what the hell? I've got old bills I could shred, I guess. Get this... it's completely broken. Hilarious! I can't figure out if it's an "I really fucking hate you" present or if it's an honest gift that I'm supposed to take seriously, call her and thank her for, and then ask her for the receipt so I can "get a replacement." Either way, hilarious.

Whatever, I have a teapot. Regrettably, there is no tempest within it. Sad, I know.

Oh, everything was chill with the ghost, by the way...

I am so bored it is causing me physical pain. Why God? Why?

ETA-10p: Holy damn, it is snowing all of a sudden! *flail*
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