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Bits and bats... and GHOSTS, evidently

Disclaimer: This post is going to be extremely random.

I'm going back to Minneapolis tomorrow, and I feel strangely ambivalent about it. I really. don't. care.

I haven't really seen... oh, anybody really other than Alyssa and kiasopia though. I saw Shane for about 2.5 seconds. Otherwise, no Carmen. No Colin. No Chris. No Cody. No Bill. No Annie. No Steph. No Doug. To all of you that didn't return my call, or who didn't contact me even though you knew I was home... you're fired.

I am kind of irritated that I can't take the car up yet. My family is taking forever to close my grandmother's estate, but I can't really blame them. I don't even know what I'd do if I was in their shoes.

I've got a lot of her stuff though. I hope that doesn't piss off anyone in my family.

I've decided that I'm not bringing the record player up just yet. We've got enough stuff to worry about tomorrow.

Speaking of family and records... Linds, you and I need to divy up the record collection sometime. Are you still coming to visit me? 'Cause you totally should.

I should cut my nails. They're practically weapons.

It's been cloudy every single night that I've been down here wich means that I = unhappy. I dont know what it is or why, but I need regular doses of clear night skies like regular doses of oxygen. It's an addiction.

I got another e-mal from Matt. Hm.

I will say that I am definitely looking forward to being back in my own bed again. My neck is about three centimetres away from breaking itself out of spite. I think if I try to coerce it into sleeping on that sad excuse for a bed in what used to be my bedroom, it just might murder me. I am going to miss the jacuzzi bathtub, but ... bed. My bed. Hi, bed! *waves*

I read the new shoebox update today! Hooray for HoYay, I tell you what. God I love good writing. This newest update really made me want to make out with someone. Not cool.

... ok for real y'all, I think I just saw a ghost. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen one in this basement but jesus fuck! There it goes again! I don't feel threatened by it or anything, but it's creeping me out on general principle so I'm gonna leave.


In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Be more ganster than Snoop Dogg.

Get your resolution here

Fo' shizzle, beeyotch.
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