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Think... not quite as big as it could be.

Alright, so Madison totally has a new IMAX theater. The IMAX slogan: "think big."

... except this screen is so NOT as big as the IMAX that I work at. Our screen is advertised at something like 6 times a normal big screen... this one is only like, 4 times. We went to go see Harry Potter there (again, I know. Shut up. Massive shirtless Radcakes. Fuck you.) and it was still enjoyable, but my mom ended up whining about the fact that it wasn't as big as it could have been, and that she was kind of disappointed. So, here's to not knowing that IMAX screens are not all the same size. Boo hiss. Hooray for movies though. Especially when they include a massive shirtless Radcakes.

Oh, also... Not enough of you filled out the Narnia Poll. I know more than four of you saw it, don't even front. I need lots of honest answers, people. This is for science. Pimp it, if you wish.
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