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Buzz Kill Numero Dos

Ok so the majority of the cooking got put off until tomorrow which majorly sucked. My dad, out of nowhere, decided it was imperative for us to go to my Grandma's apartment and finish packing things up. I chickened out. I honestly dont think I could've handled it. I am fully aware that sometime very soon I will have to sort through her things, but I can't do it in her old house. I'd feel like a burglar.

So then! I made peanut butter bon-bons. They're ridiculously delicious. I made a ginormous mess while making them though, it was glorious. My mom and I went to the grocery store to get the supplies because we were out of flour... Well, when we got it home, there was definite plunging of the arm up to the elbow into the massive container of flour, just 'cause we could. Now there's a sensation, I tell you what.

But other than that I have been so. bored. I went through all of facebook and looked at everyone's pictures. I have concluded that I need a digital camera pronto... and donations are definitely accepted.

Still, SO BORED. Thus, Holidaze meme!

In a comment:
1. What was the best present you ever recieved?
2. What was the lamest present you ever recieved?
3. Have you ever really gotten what you asked for?

1. The best present I ever recieved was a pair of brand-spankin' new parabolic K2 skis. They're gorgeous.
2. The lamest present I've ever been given was definitely an ass ugly sweater that I never, ever wore. I *may* have burned it...
3. I rarely, if ever, get what I ask for. I really don't know why my family bothers with Christmas wish-lists because everyone just wings it anyway, or buys their present for themself and then just informs the respective giver. :) It works out.
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