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News Roundup! - Christmas Spirit Edition

World News

- Yet another reason to love Canada. Hooray for orgies!

- Danish Castle (that inspired the scene for Hamlet, mind you) Reportedly Haunted because It Tidies Itself Up. Groundskeepers are very worried. wondering "why anyone would want to haunt the castle that is on UNESCO's World Heritage list."

- China is takin' on a Researcher at the N.Y. Times. They just can't catch a break...

- Study Shows that Germans would rather spend Christmas with a Tree than with their families.

- According to our scientific friends in Switzerland, the Australian instrument "Didgeridoo" cures snoring. The rest of the sane world (namely, me), remains unconvinced.

- Speaking of Australians, Aussie Scientists discover that Teaspoons have a mind of their own. This is too good.

- O TannenBOMB... "Bomb-hunting Santas add cheer to tense Indonesian Christmas." Dear God...gonna find out who's naughty or nice indeed.

On U.S. Soil...

- Fire code kills Rhode Island's Chrismas tree. For real, these people win the stupid award. Gold star.

- Shark attack off Maui costs man pinky finger, and tip of ring finger. Apparently, the shark really did just want a nibble.

- Activist Nun released from Federal Prison. Jigga what, now?

- Jesuits Embarassed by Ad they "Unknowingly Published" December 5th, which features a picture of the Virgin Mary "standing atop a serpent wearing a delicate veil of latex," otherwise known as a condom. Catholics are pissed.

"We're Jesuits," Martin said. "I don't think you could have found anyone in the editors' room who has seen a condom." The mention of a "veil of latex" failed to register, he said.

- Christmas tree stow-away scares the crap out of 16 y/o girl.

- Osama Bin Laden's Niece gets in the bathtub with GQ. Racy photo shoot ensues... not making this up, y'all. (But by niece we mean daughter of half brother...just for clarification.) Evidently, she is an aspiring musician and has learned alot from our other skantily clad divas.

ETA: I was going through the various click-charities that I have linked in my userinfo, and I noticed that this month, every click is doubled for the breast cancer site, which is fantastic. While the sister sites (and I definitely encourage you to check them out too) offer hundreds of books, thousands of cups of food, the breast cancer site has been averaging about 11 mammograms a day for underpriviledged women. So click once a day. It doesn't cost anything and it'll double the results.

Click every day to give hope to women in need. It's Free!

Requiscat In Pace, Diana.

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