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ay de mi!

oii oii oii! looking for quotes still, and gushing to kjerstin. she probably doesnt wanna hear it but heh, she listens.

today i was attacked by mr. rapp. he tied my shoelaces together. chris untied them for me. great guy that chris, i get the impression he is somewhat tormented by something though. which makes me actually quite intruiged because i definitely relate, and he's an awesome friend to me and i'd like to help.

this is the one month anniversary of hell day. may december 15th forever burn and rot in the fiery depths of hell because of the scar left on my soul. grar.

Anyway, the weather forcast for tonight ; dark. and ah yes, some day we will look back upon this moment and run into a parked car. ugh... one of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
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