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Aaaaand cut! Now exhale...

I finished my paper with a few hours to spare. My brain, however, done broked. It is officially out of service until further notice. Abada wibble fizzz... *thunk*

Now! As a person that's been doing a whole crapton of online research and re-researching after the computer freezes approximately every 10 minutes for no readily discernable reason omg, and knowing full well that although what Wikipedia says is correct, it does not qualify for citation. Therefore, I really appreciate this.

I think I might start actively sabotaging Wikipedia. Destroying whatever credibility it may have by taking one page a day and completely annihilating any scintilla of truth. It will become "the Onion" of encyclopedias, and it will be brilliant.

I have to take an incomplete for 3101 until break is over. Half of my interviewees are already out of town, and the others are detained due to finals. I'm really kind of upset about it. I know that I have legitimate reasons, and that circumstances were completely out of my control, and it's not like I failed or anything... but even though I am an extreme slacker, I get my shit done and I really do care about my studies.

I magically pulled off a B in 3004, though! I don't really know how, seeing as I - oh - never went to class even though attendance was required, feverishly threw every single assignment together either the night before or the day of, didn't even try to read the book until the day before the final and then really only skimmed a few chapters and winged the rest of it, etc. Still, I got an 89 on the final exam, or something ridiculous like that.

The fact that I now really have nothing to do for awhile is blowing my mind. I might have to write an Invasion recap tomorrow or bust out a babb cut or something. Forcast for tonight: sleep.

ETA: Bwaaahahaaaa! Faith just hiccupped the word bitch and it was the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard in my life. ^,^ Anyone that has ever heard this girl hiccup, knows that it is an entirely comedic noise in and of itself and it never. stops. Now take that noise, and add cursing. ♥
ETA2: What in the hell does Google mean by this?

The only thing I can think of is "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" but that mouse is definitely stirring. Not only that, but he looks pretty shady. I think he's plotting. Seriously, what is the meaning of this?
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