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A friend indeed finds icons for friends in need...

Or just for friends that ask for them. Anyway...

All I Want for Christmas is Hockey (found on tinypic... dont know who made it.)

Franken-domo-kun-stien. Ganked from DJ.

Made by me. It's not the best of quality but I only have Gimp and Paint and I haven't really figured out the former. I just thought it was festive.

This one didn't save properly, and it's lucky I found it in the temp files or else I'd be pissed 'cause I like it.
It's Elijah Wood, but it's a cool picture. Unfortunately, I dont know who made it anymore.

Anyway, I figure you'll probably like the first two. Thoughts?

These are really just more amusing than anything else. One isn't even an icon, I just figured it would make you giggle.

Boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew! Found on tinypic.

Ganked from DJ.

I am totally using this. I found it on

HEE! Not an icon, but funny!

That's enough for now. I'm working with the G.I.M.P. program to see if I can't get my garden state icons to be pretty. Then I can move onto all the hilarious facial expressions I got from screencaps of Viktor Krum. Heh heh.

Agenda for this afternoon, baking! I'm going to be making Spice Bars and Russian Tea Cakes so you know that by the end of it I'm going to be covered in flour and sugar, and it will be glorious.
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