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Set Mind to LEARN.

Yes brain, I'm putting you on learn mode. Not recall mode, not study mode. I, the body, haven't actually gone to class so I don't actually know the material they are expecting us to regurgitate tomorrow in our final. After you have recovered from this morning's shock, please report for duty. I've got a lot of book to read and a lot of powerpoint "lectures" to hate.

Major Procrastination, First Class


Ungh. I got up here last night around 10-ish last night. No time to relax... there is time to pass the hell out which I'll explain later. First, I need to get it into my head that:

Today is completely devoted to the learning of nonsense for the Final of Semester Finality and Extreme Stupidity(proper title) to be taken tomorrow.'s still not really clickin'. I've kind of stopped caring. It happens to me every semester, apathy sets in and I resign myself to whatever grade I can acquire with the least amount of effort. I'm getting an 83% so far, and I haven't been going. I mean at all. And attendance definitely is required, and I still haven't been going, and i'm still doing fine. Whatever.


I hardcore insomnia-crashed last night. I was gone. I woke up this morning and was so confused because I was in all my clothes and my contacts were in and I never do that. I distinctly remember telling Sandy that I was going to change and get ready for bed. Then again, I also distinctly remember feeling my body just shut down under extreme exhaustion. Clearly, there was no "getting ready for" there was just a complete forfeit unto the bed. I don't remember her leaving...must've been out by then.

It's interesting to be reminded that we have biological needs. Normally I think of sleep as something that we acquiesce to. Maybe that's just the arrogance of consciousness; however, when you have only slept 10 hours in 3 days, your body will retaliate and it will exact its needs from you - willingly or unwillingly.


Right then. Work. *nod*

*Helloooooooooooooo flist!*
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