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What. the. fuck.

Sometimes I don't know if he's what saved me from this place, or if he's the real reason that it kills me.

For real, what the hell? Best friend or biggest asshole? We kind of hung out tonight, which I really don't even have time for. He said he'd come get me, and we'd watch a movie... which we did...with Bill and Shane. Fine. They're our friends. I haven't seen them. I miss them. Fine.

However, he didn't really even talk to me and that's what I really needed. I really needed a genuine hug from him, and a chance to really actually talk to another human being. I don't really talk to very many people about how I feel... not at great length. I can write about it to an extent, but I needed the catharsis of talking with him, and seeing him before he leaves and all he really did was offer me ice cream, kick at me, share a blanket with me, and then take me home. He didn't even give me a hug goodbye.

For his sake, that better not be the note he leaves me on before he goes to Switzerland or I might murder him.

Will someone kindly explain to me what the hell this means in boyspeak?
While you're at it, could you also fill me in as to why boys are so generally retarded?


Dec. 16th, 2005 03:00 am (UTC)
Speaking as one recently broken up with...
Yes. We all need hugs and someone to talk to. Perhaps we should just forget about the men, get together with our girlfriends and have sleepovers again like we did in middle school. Only, with wine. And chocolate. And really cheesy movies.

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