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a new beginning . yo.

yeh well school is on again. it's all good i guess. My schedule fuggin ROCKS! for one, i get done with math right away in the morning. plus imma peer assist for big b so i'll have nap-time 3rd hour. Creative writing is all good too, which is why i'm online right now on the school's shitty computers, searching for a quote. i have some good ones but, i dont know, they don't "speak" to me.

"Happiness is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the sensation." -T.H.

"Always chew you're pretzels." - George Bush

"You have to love life to live, and you have to live to be able to love life. it's what they call a vicious circle." - Unknown

so i'm searching for quotes and listening to foxy play his guitar. woo. I got my play script booklet thingie so i'm gonna finish reading hte play. hell, it's only supposed to be memorized by Thursday.
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