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Crouton, anyone?

First and foremost...

OMG PANERA EYE LUV YEW!!!1!!won!!!one! Soupomgyum.

I was starving about 10 minutes ago, to the point of extreme physical discomfort. I was literally writhing in digestive agony. Now I have clam chowder, french bread and ceasar salad and all I have to say about it is, "Hot damn, I love me some calories."
In other news, guess who tooootally just got the OK to work from home? Guess who is also going to severely abuse that priviledge? I'll be working all the time! If by working you mean, baking cookies, watching movies, frolicking in the snow, drinking heavily, etc., etc. ...and I do.
In other other news, I get my brand spankin' new bed from Ikea todayyyy!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am to blow 500 bucks on it. I've been looking at linens online all day and thinking about complimenting wood-tones and wall colours and omg-nesting!

Also, shit is still hitting the fan hardcore. I haven't got the energy to complain or explain. I'm just shutting off.

Share some Music Meme
In a comment you can either just give a song title and artist or if you like, head on over to YSI and post a link to share the tunes, but either way pick a song that you like, that you listen to and adore, and share the love.

1. Rage Song

2. Calm Song

3. Love Song

4. Hyper Song

5. Sad (Emo-tastic) Song

And finally,

6. Post one song that you think I would like, then post this in your journal, expand your music collection!
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