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Fire Update

Local Report:

Locals are very amused. This has become the neighborhood entertainment. There are people coming out with trays of coffee, talking about how they should go make coffee, and basically just standing around and watching this massive house (3 story brick mansion-y house) burn. The firemen are blasting water into the upper windows, and onto the roof. There's this noxious looking brown smoke pouring from a little vent-looking thing right below the roof. There's smoke billowing out over the lake and they've got it lit up in a way that makes me think of how awesome it would be to see a 3 ft. ball of burning magnesium. Other than that, it's not too fun to watch. Especially when it's 16 degrees outside, and snowing. Educational, though.

Evidently, the owners weren't home. I wonder where they are... Faith and I have come up with some possible scenarios for breaking the news. If you'd like to hear one, feel free to ask and I'll give you an example.

Also, in keeping with the festivities of meme week... and since people are afraid of being mean to me, I'm adopting this one from bearfood

In an anonymous comment:
one compliment, one criticism, one secret.
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