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annoying yet?

more quizzes. jeez. i tied between 4 dead rock stars. check it out.

You are a free, elegant spirit with a rebellious side, you Janis Joplin you!
Test made by

My word! Watch your mouth!..Who do you think ya are, Sid Vicious?

You my friend, are somewhat shy on the outside, tormented on the inside, but dealing with it all. Kurt Cobain was the same way. Well, untill he you know. </u></u>

and finally

You are sexy, outgoing, and inwardly poetic, just like that uber-endowed, and massivley talented guitarist Jimi Hendrix!</u> you! </b>

do some of these seem to contradict each other? second place is shannon hoon. everyone's favorite hippy - who is also tied with Bradley Nowell...the energetic dog lover. hmm.
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