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Oh the weather outside is frightful...

It's snowing!

I just took the beagle out and it was so peaceful and serene. I swear my body temperature dropped to about 30 degrees, but I had just finished eating french fries from McDonalds and I'm pretty sure the heapload of salt I consumed is what was melting the snow when it landed on me. Let's hear it for high doses of sodium at thoroughly ridiculous hours!

ETA: Also, guess who's totally applying for the A&E reporter position at the Daily? ;)
ETA2: Lookit! Two consecutive after-3 a.m. posts in a row! Somebody is goin' to college!
ETA3: It seems I've been tagged by princessstar for a music meme!

List Seven songs you're into and tag seven people: (tagged by princessstar)

1. Letter from a Concerned Citizen - Pedro the Lion
2. Cannonball -Damien Rice
3. All at Sea - Jamie Cullum
4. 30 Days - Jimmies Chicken Shack
5. Niether Heaven Nor Space - Nada Surf
6. Sleeping with Ghosts - Placebo
7. I've Been Thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School Feat. Cat Power

... I could keep going forever. If any of y'all want to listen to one of these songs, or want a mix or something... let me know. I'll be more than happy to oblige.

Tagging: silfactor, faithlynn, sasha_black, telesilla, aerplane, dragoondefender, marvelouscherry.
Tags: memes, music
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