Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex

Voice Post: The Epic FIRST Voice Post

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“Transcription edit...

So it, um, seems like I've gone and enabled the "voice post feature" on my livejournal, because I'm completely and totally hopeless; but it also seems that I can't actually make a voice post unless I call some foreign state like California or Delaware because my home state of Minnesota doesn't actually have its own number at this point in time which is really, truly, very tragic... but after nine o'clock it doesn't really matter for me anyway what with the joy of cell-phones, but this means that my livejournal has taken a crucial step forward in its existence, and, ahh, I think it could get pretty crazy, so uh... well, we'll see what happens.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
Tags: voice post
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