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News Roundup! - Killin' Time Edition


- Only in America... Happy Thanksgiving, I guess.

- The Kalamazoo Promise means some peeps got some disposable income and I am jealoussssss.

- In a hilarious bout of irony, Michael Brown starts Disaster Planning Firm. I'm not even making this up.

- For a second helping of irony, Jackie Chan urges Asia's film industry to unite against American movies or risk losing their culture. Huh...this coming from the guy who's working on Rush Hour 3? I'm just sayin'.

- A Notice to NaNoWriMo participants.

- I still think this is retarded.

- Madonna Ties With Elvis for Rockin' the Singles Chart. You go girl.

- Bosnians love some Bruce Lee, apparently.

- Wheeeee! Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus Statue is Bleedin' from the Eyes! Doom! Stigmata! I CALLED IT! I've been saying it for ages. The apocalypse is like, so nigh.

- Dude, screw the article... what did Radcakes do to his hair?!?!

- Wilson "Lit" Waters of the Fairfield Four died at 74.

- Karate Grandpappy Pat Morita has also passed on.

- So has the world's ugliest dog. Somehow, not quite as tragic.

- Also, I am declaring this the brutal honesty meme entry. Use the anonymous comment option and post something brutally honest about me.
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