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Sugar We're Goin' Down Swing Dancing in the Slush

I made ginger snaps today. I wrote "Oh, SNAP!" on them before I baked them. I'm so witty it hurts.

I also visited the lovely Caitlin and saw her fiance. Didn't really get to meet him as he was quite comatose, suffering from jet lag and all, but it was delightful to catch up with her and see her again. It's been ages. I still don't know why Matt was so quiet the entire time... it was mostly his idea. Without his pushing me to make the plans, it wouldn't have happened. Hmm... I do miss her a lot.

When we were leaving, Matt and I definitely spun around in circles in the snow and and slush whilst hugging. It was adorable. I found his gloves when I came home. I'm really going to miss him.

I think far too much for my own good. I've been really depressed all day because I've been analyzing and theorizing so much. I hate it when I get stuck in these existentialist funks. Being home is always so depressing. Ugh, I need out. And I need a hug.
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