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I'm feelin' as slow as El Jay, oh noes!

Yeah... I went there. I'm kidding though. The lj crew does a fabulous job and I'm very thankful for them. Just so we're clear.

I'm cranky. I have a migraine and only recently discovered that I have a paper due tonight. It only has to be 500 words but migraine. I seriously crawled out of bed, choked down about 5 ibuprofen because I'm out of my freaking narcotics (they're prescribed, so don't give me that look. You, with the eyebrow, stop it!). I then brewed up a large pot of coffee in the hope that the caffeine will help. Currently, I'm also giving myself brain freeze with really, really cold water. You know something's wrong when you wake up and then proceed to voluntarily, and repeatedly, give yourself brain freeze because it "feels good."

In other local news, this reporter will be leaving tomorrow to go back to Wisconsin. Mixed feelings about that.

Alex is going into surgery today, and they're planning on removing his appendix and then he's coming back here. I really want to hang out with him and just... make sure he's ok. I'm such a loser for being worried about it. He's not worried about it at all - more irritated at the inconvenience of not being able to sit in his hot tub over the break than anything else. Still, he can tell me that he's fine all he wants and I still won't believe it until I see it 'cause I'm lame like that - and evidently also a horrible, horrible pessimist.

My Grandma's surgery went well, anyway. She's a feisty one, I tell ya. 82 and still kickin' it, livin' on her own, and stickin' it to the man.

This whole loss of the comment notifications has left me feeling like a vulnerable jackass, because unless you're posting your comment from Australia, I'm not being notified. I look at my e-mail inbox and feel totally unloved, so I sulk away from my computer only to come back later to update the lj and see that the comments are still comin'. Then I feel like a bitch for not addressing them in my usual timely fashion, so I apologize. Y'all know I love you, right?

Today has been a total buzzkill, which sucks because last night was so incredible. (Despite the fact that my interview didn't record...grrr.) I spent all of last night hanging out with my hilarious cousin John Bush, and a bunch of his comical comrades. After the sets at the comedy club we went to the Green Mill and met up with the lot of 'em. Actually chilled and talked about music for awhile with Acme's header for the week, Derek Hughes. Really fun guy, good taste in music to boot. We were making fun of football fanatics so you really can't go wrong. Since he had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night previously - on an airport floor no less - he didn't go to the bonfire but we did. Oh, did we ever. And we broght s'mores and were given scotch by an actor from the Guthrie. Hah. Matt Fugate was there as well, celebrating his birthday. Another great guy, good comedian. Overall, very fun time.

Still haven't registered. Shit hell sodding bugger fuck.

In other news, I need to address every sports writer out there right now. Brett Favre hasn't retired yet. So stop writing about it. Packer fans don't do well with preemptive doom saying. I know for a fact that my mother will personally cut you.

A comprehensive map of the Middle-Eastern ev0l. 'Bout time someone spelled it out.

Also, what our Nation's Leaders are really thinking. This one's for you, Aaron.

I don't even understand this, Callan. Still, the song sends me to a world of fax-mashing.

"Goblet of Fire earned a whopping $102.3 million dollars in it's opening weekend." Apparently it also shattered previous IMAX records by opening on 66 screens. I told you it was awesome.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I have to pass this along. It's a list of Titles of Harry Potter Fanfic We'd Rather Not Read.

...Fine! I'll write the paper!

Assholes do vex me.

ETA: Migraine is gone, and I just quickly corrected my typos and grammatical errors. Yowza. Brain hurt = Key SMASH!
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