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IMAX ... think 7-miles-of-film-per-movie big.

I am tickled. In two weeks, I'll be able to go see Harry Potter on IMAX for free! Apparently we can bring "family" with, but I'll see if we can work something out for "friends" in lieu of the fact that my family is four hours away. This job is truly fantastic, plus it's beyond easy. They have employee nights, where we get to watch the feature film in the theater - again for free - 2 days before it's released. Wheeeee! I kinda can't wait to see Polar Express in 3D even though it'll probably melt my brain.

Interesting IMAX Factoids:
- It's playing 5 feet of film every second.
- For Harry Potter, the complete film is 7 miles long.
- The Harry Potter film also weighs more than I do. It's a good 150 pounds.

In other news, I bought the Bath and Body Works Christmas "Spice" wallflower scent for our living room and holy crap, y'all. I stepped out of my room this morning, inhaled, and it was supremely enjoyable. It smells like good in here.

I'm uh, bored now. How are you doing? Wanna come over?
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