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Just for the record...

I would like to say that J.J. Abrams is being very, very naughty! He had 42 characters to work with and has only really killed off 2, so what's he gonna do? Introduce 9 more instead of tying up any of the eleventy-seven frajimabillion loose ends! Wheeeee! Oh well... extended episode.

Then more Invasion! I'm ridiculously behind on the recaps! Woo hoo! I'm really sorry... I swear I'll get one out soon. Homework has been eating my soul lately, s'all.

Also... Harry Potter comes out tomorrowwwww! I still haven't bought tickets because I'm a very naughty fangirl. Shame on me. Anyway... now tuning to our obscenely addicting programming....
Tags: hp, invasion, lost, tee vee
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