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Aaaand November is a jackhole!

[cue music] Here comes the sun snow ... do do dooo doooo. [cut music]

Yeeeahhh. It's snowing. Winter is here. It's officially time to bundle up. I have apple cider. God damn it, anyway.

*le sigh* My grandma is back in the hospital. I'm not feeling optimistic, and I think I need a hug.

My mother... I just... no. She's charging my brother rent and telling me that I need to be a good example for him and blah blah blah we might have to kick him out and get a restraining order blah blah blah. It's insane. How stupid the world, I tell ya.

The City Council story is eating my soul. I have never dealt with anything so mind-numbingly boring in my entire life. Ugh... people bitching about a wall. Not even joking. I honestly don't know if I can write about this... it's not very solid, especially since the council didn't even act. Back to the drawing board, methinks.

Why does today suck so much?

ETA: Also, because misery loves company... Here's an article that's sure to make my democratic friends completely miserable. To counteract the rage, here's an anti-Bush rant for all y'all.
ETA2: This is disgusting. People, I just don't know.
ETA3: I hate Beyonce. So much it hurts me a little bit. Just so you know.
ETA4: Paris Hilton Not Killed in Car Crash; Nation Mourns.
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